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Whether in the backcountry or frontcountry, Woods tents and camping shelters turn the outdoors into your home away from home. Find our selection of 2 to 12-person tents, 3-season or 4-season options, and more, to suit any adventurer's needs.

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As an outdoorsman, your tent or shelter is arguably the most important piece of gear in your arsenal, and the one you’ll use the longest, so do your research and choose wisely. Whether you’re deep in the backcountry or posted up in your backyard, a high-quality tent or shelter will turn the outdoors into your home away from home. Simply put, the tent is the capstone of the outdoor experience. It keeps your gear, food and water, apparel, and you and your companions safe from the elements, and acts as a home base. If you don’t have a reliable, sturdy, comfortable tent, it’s hard to enjoy the wilderness.

Even the ramparts of Mt. Logan (5,959 m/19,551 ft) or the swampy marshlands of Minesing can become comfortable with the right tent. Side Note: Our team actually outfitted the first expedition to summit Mt. Logan, all the way back in 1925. Logan is Canada’s tallest peak and the second-tallest peak on the North American continent. We also outfitted the first Canadian ascent of Mt. Everest (8,849 m/29,032) ft in 1982.

Different styles of camping require different tents, of course. If you’re camping with your family in a front country locale, you’ll probably want to go for a lightweight, portable, pop-up tent. If you’re heading into a remote region for a hunting trip, climbing expedition, or another serious objective, you’ll want a tent that’s rugged and durable enough to hold up in harsh climes and keep you safe and warm. If you’re going camping with a large group of people, you may want to look into an affordable ten-person tent to keep your entire group together.

Here at Woods™, we have a plethora of camping tents for sale spanning all categories. You’ll find everything from large family camping tents to picnic awnings to lightweight, minimalist camping shelters that are perfect for duos or solo campers with gear. Hardy dome tents sufficient for more serious trips, affordable pop-up tents for backyard trips, lightweight three-season tents, festival teepees, old-school A-frames, cabin tents and more. We have dozens of premium options to suit all comers, all at reasonable, accessible prices.

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