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6-person tents are an excellent choice, whether you’re camping with large families or setting up 3-season basecamps on a technical backcountry expedition. The best 6-person tents for camping will be weatherproof, spacious, and still fairly lightweight. 

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Our Outbound 6-Person 3-Season Instant Pop-Up Cabin Tent is only 21 pounds, but offers 90 square feet of floor space. Meanwhile, our Outbound 6-Person 3-Season Lightweight Dome Tent is even lighter, at a mere 16 pounds, but still provides 84 square feet of floor room.

What to look for while buying a 6-person tent

When purchasing a 6-person tent, you’ll need to consider factors such as packability, weight, and weatherproofing. Will you be car camping? Then weight and size aren’t as much of a concern. Will you be backpacking? Then you’ll need to consider the fact that you’ll be carrying the tent (likely dividing it up between several members of your party).

Most 6-person tents are also designed for three-season camping, meaning they aren’t designed to function in harsher winter conditions. Make sure you’re planning to purchase the type of tent that will accommodate the weather and clime you plan to camp in.

What size tent should I get for six people?

For six campers, you’ll definitely want a 6-person tent, at minimum. If you’ll also be camping with pets, need extra space for rambunctious small children, or are packing extra gear (like your snowshoes, climbing gear, inflatable kayaks, hunting equipment, or other camping accessories) then you’ll likely need a tent larger than a 6-person, such as an 8-person instant tent model like our Outbound 8-Person 3-Season Lightweight Dome Tent.

What is the best 6-person tent?

The Lookout 6-Person 3-Season Tent is our top choice for a 6-person tent. Simply put, this 3-season tent is the ultimate shelter for your next basecamp. The lightweight frame and twin vestibules offer plenty of room for all your gear, while the 6’2” peak height and double doors make moving both inside and out of the tent a breeze.

It also provides excellent ventilation for increased airflow. At only 17 pounds, but with an 84-square-foot surface area, this tent is an excellent choice for casual family camping trips and backcountry basecamps alike.