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12-person tents for camping are some of the largest camping tents on the market. Similar to 10-person tents options, these tents make for great camp kitchens at large expedition base camps, hunting trips, or other serious backcountry endeavors, but are also perfect for casual settings like family reunions, backyard birthday parties, barbecues,large group road trips, and other mellow outdoor settings where you’ll need a large sleeping area.

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What size tent should I get for 12 people?

For 12 campers, you’ll definitely want a 12-person tent, at minimum, to accommodate the larger group size. When camping with a group that large, you could also consider breaking up your group and gear into multiple smaller tents, such as two 5-person tents, like our Outbound 5-Person 3-Season Instant Pop-Up Dome Tent, or even five 2-person tents, like our bestselling Pinnacle 2-Person 4-Season Tent. This will keep your campsite more dispersed and give everyone more room and space.

However, if you’re camping with young children, individuals with special needs, the elderly, or anyone else who needs a bit of extra care, then a 12-person tent is a great choice to keep everyone comfortably together under the same roof.

How heavy is a 12-person tent?

12-person tents are likely going to be some of the heaviest tents you’ll come across, simply because they have to be large enough to fit up to a dozen people inside. Some 12-person tents can weigh upwards of 30 pounds. Our Outbound 12-Person 3-Season Lightweight Dome Tent, however, only weighs 21 pounds, and also features an incredible 180 square feet of floor space.

What is the best 12-person tent?

Our best 12-person tent is the Outbound 12-Person 3-Season Lightweight Dome Tent. Despite weighing only 21 pounds, it can house a whopping 12 campers, with a total of 180 square feet of space! This tent is remarkably easy to set up and features two built-in zipper windows, as well as a mesh see-through roof for excellent ventilation, airflow, and stargazing. Meanwhile, a heavy-duty 600 mm coated rainfly keeps out the elements.