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Once you’ve spent enough time in the wilderness perched on knobby rocks and rotten logs, or even worse, squatting on the ground, you’ll understand the benefits of a high-quality camping chair. Once you’ve chopped vegetables on a piece of cardboard laid out on the grass, played cards in the dirt, or tried to cook with your camping stove precariously sitting on a jagged boulder, you’ll understand the benefits of a high-quality camping table.

The best camping chairs add a touch of comfort and luxury to the camping experience, but there are plenty of lightweight, packable options available even for the most serious minimalists or those heading into rougher wilderness terrain. From reclining camping loungers to padded bucket seats that are (almost) as plush as your couch back home, we have a slew of products that prove that simply because you’re outside doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. 

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find affordable, lightweight chairs that hit the trifecta between price, weight, and comfort. We even carry camp rocking chairs that would be as home on your grandpa’s porch as they are in the woods, and folding camp chairs with attached side tables for holding food and drink. Simply put, you’ll find an immense variety here at Woods Canada when it comes to camp chairs.

Likewise, camping tables are a must-have if you’re planning on doing any significant cooking in the wilderness, but they also make great surfaces for card and board games, places to store and organize gear, or simply spaces to gather around, chat, and plan. We offer large table sets suitable for families,functional kitchen stands designed for cooking (with built-in shelves for pots and pans), and smaller, foldable camping tables for duos. You’ll find nothing but the best camping tables here to suit all comers.

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