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Woods offers a variety of snowshoe styles and bundles, including carry bags and poles, to suit any outdoor adventurer's needs. Size and fit can vary from style to style. Some styles can also accommodate Kid's-sized boots. Find your preferred size and style today!

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Woods and Outbound Snowshoes Size Guide - Recommended Weight and Length

Quick fit tip. Snowshoes Feeling Loose? You may need to re-tighten your snowshoe bindings a few minutes after wearing them. For the best fit, ensure snowshoe bindings and boots are free of snow and ice prior to fitting.

Considering Heel Lifts? Make uphill battles a breeze. Heel lifts, like those available on the Woods Balsam and Sycamore snowshoes, can be easily enabled to give you a boost if you encounter steeper terrain or slopes during your hike. The added heel height and stability provided by the lift helps manage the level of exertion needed from your calf muscles, reducing calf muscle strain and fatigue. Conquer the great outdoors, no matter the incline, with Woods snowshoes.