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If comfort is what you’re looking for, or if you’re going to be in the wilderness for an extended period of time with a campsite a short distance from your car, you may want to consider an air mattress. A common misconception is that camping air mattresses are luxury, glamping-style items, and they’re prohibitively expensive. In actuality, inflatable mattresses for camping are quite affordable. Check the Outbound Twin our flagship air mattress. They’re also fairly compact and packable, so they truly are a sleeping option that everyone should consider.

With a 500-pound capacity, the Outbound mattress is tough enough to handle a lot of weight without any deflation. The flocked-top vinyl build is durable but plush and sports a raised built-in pillow for added comfort. No neck pain here! Still, the mattress is tough enough to use both outdoors and indoors. The Outbound packs down to a compact size, with inflation or deflation in as little as five minutes, allowing for easy transport and storage.

Our air mattresses are suitable for everything from glamping to expedition base camps, with coil-beam technology that ensures the mattresses are 100% waterproof. Rugged internal air coils keep the frame of the air mattress flat and supported, regardless of the terrain below. Repair patches are also included in case of damage. If you haven’t slept on a full-fledged camping air mattress before, try ours out on your next trip into the woods! We guarantee you’ll have the best sleep of your life (at least the best sleep of your life while camping).