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Woods™ Utility & Outdoor Wagons make adventure easy. The blow-molded wheels are suitable for any terrain and the rust-resistant steel frame can handle up to 225lbs.

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Woods utility and outdoor wagons make carting your camping gear and supplies easy, no matter the topography. Whether you’re a hardened adventurer tracking over rough ground or a parent out for a day with the kids, you’ll find a utility wagon comes in handy. You can carry everything from hunting gear to ice fishing supplies to food and drinks for a picnic in our hardy wagons. We offer both budget models with a 150-pound capacity and burlier wagons that can pack up to 225 pounds. The wagons feature blow-molded wheels that are suitable for even the most uneven, rocky terrain and the rust-resistant steel frames can handle large quantities of heavy gear without buckling under pressure. Coupled with our weather-resistant, tearproof fabric, and you have a wagon that will stand the test of time.

The ergonomic tow handles are comfortable and durable, and all wagons are also collapsible and packable, with included carry bags. You can easily fold up your wagon and sling it over your shoulder when on foot, or stow the wagon in your car for transport or inside your tent when not in use. The collapsing x-frame builds on these wagons ensure your gear stays secure no matter how bumpy the ride is, providing an even distribution of support throughout the frame. Many of our utility wagons also feature small carry pouches on the frame exterior to store a water bottle, phone, wallet, keys, and other smaller essentials while on the move. All our utility and outdoor wagons are available in a variety of colors, so we guarantee you’ll find one that suits your taste.