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While they may be larger than our 2-person and 4-person offerings, the best 5-person tents for camping are still lightweight, compact, and durable, and will hold up for many seasons to come.

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5-person camping tents are a great choice for larger family or group camping trips. Whether you’re a full-sized family or group of five, or simply a couple camping with a couple of dogs (or lots of extra gear for packrafting, climbing, or another exciting adventure), a 5-person tent is a great choice to add a bit of extra space and comfort for your next group camping trip.

What to look for while buying a 5-person tent

When purchasing a 5-person tent, you’ll need to consider factors such as packability, weight, and weatherproofing. Will you be car camping? Then weight and size may be less of a concern. Will you be backpacking? Then you’ll need to consider the fact that you’ll be carrying the tent, along with your gear and supplies, and will likely need to factor in and prioritize more portable and lighter tent options.

Most 5-person tents are designed for three-season camping, meaning they aren’t designed to function in harsher winter conditions. Make sure you’re planning to purchase a tent that can withstand the weather or climate you plan to camp in.

What size tent should I get for 5 people?

For five campers, you’ll definitely want a 5-person tent, at a minimum. If you’ll also be camping with pets, need extra space for rambunctious small children, or are packing extra gear, such as snowshoes, climbing gear, inflatable kayaks, hunting equipment, or other camping accessories, then you’ll likely need a tent larger than a 5-person, such as a 6-person or even an 8-person tent, like our Outbound 8-Person 3-Season Lightweight Dome Tent.

What is the best tent for five people?

The Outbound 5-Person 3-Season Instant Pop-Up Dome Tent is a top pick for 5-person tent for camping. With a fiberglass "Easy-Up" frame technology system, built-in zipper windows, and a mesh roof for excellent ventilation and airflow, this is an easy-to-use, breathable tent. It’s extremely weather-resistant, with a heavy-duty 600 mm coated rainfly and front canopy. It also has welded leak-proof seams and a polyester bathtub floor to keep groundwater out.