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Woods Duck Pattern Cotton Flannel Camping Sleeping Bag: 5 Degree
Woods Duck Pattern Cotton Flannel Camping Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: 5 Degree
Woods Duck Pattern Cotton Flannel Camping Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: 5 Degree

Woods Duck Pattern Cotton Flannel Camping Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: 5 Degree

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Woods Migrator Duck Print Sleeping Bag features a large comfortable sleeping space. It has full length, oversized zippers with a zipper guard for easy access and closure. The rugged 8 oz. canvas shell has a comfortable 100% cotton flannel lining and is filled with 6 lb of Quadratherm synthetic polyester fill insulation to keep you warm in the outdoors. This sleeping bag also comes with a canvas zippered duffel bag for easy storage and transport. Enjoy a magical night under the stars in this comfortable sleeping bag that's soft to the touch, but don't take our word for it - read our history! Woods invented the original down 'sleeping robe' in 1906.
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Key Features

  • 4 season sleeping bag: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
  • Insulated with 6 lb of Quadratherm® synthetic polyester fill
  • 100% cotton flannel lining to keep you warm
  • Poly-cotton canvas shell for long durability
key features Woods Duck Pattern Cotton Flannel Camping Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: 5 Degree
  • Full length, over-sized zippers with zipper tape to prevent snagging
  • Thermo-layer with draft tube for superior heat retention
  • Includes a canvas zippered duffel bag for easy packing and transport
  • Tested in the Canadian outdoors for extreme durability

Specifications & Sizing

Seasons: 4 (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
Shape: Rectangular
Fits Person Up To: 6 feet 3 inches
Fill Weight: 6 pounds
Carry Weight: 11 pounds
Dimensions (L x W) : 86 x 40 inches
Carry Bag Dimensions (L x W): 13 x 34 inches
Color: Duck Print / Tan

Technical Aspects

Temperature Rating: 5 Degree
Fill / Insulation:  6 pound Quadratherm® synthetic polyester
Shell Material: Rugged 8 ounce cotton canvas
Zipper: Oversized #10 two way zippers
Construction: Double layer offset
Carry Bag Volume: 13 gallons
Lining Material: 100% cotton flannel

Warranty & Repairs

100% Risk Free Warranty For 1 Full Year – Our Woods’ products are guaranteed to last, however if you don’t absolutely love it, you are covered for 1 full year.

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Heritage Of the Woods' Sleeping Bags

Woods is one of the oldest and most famous sleeping bag manufacturing companies in the world. Woods' products have been used by famours explorers such as Admiral Richard Byrd, Roald Amundsen, Sir George, Hubert Wilins and Father Hubbard. They have also written and talked about by Ernest Hemingway and Will Rogers.

1906 - Navigation of the Northwest Passage

Woods' sleeping bags and tents were on-board the ship Gjoa, when Roald Amundsen and his crew sucessfully navigated the Northwest Passage in 1906, ending more than 400 years of failed attempts by such legendary explorers as Sir John Franklin. Amundsen would later say of his exploration "There are two times a man is happy, when he's up at the North Pole. When his belly is full of hot liquid and when he's in his Woods' sleeping bag" 

1925 - First ascent of Canada's highest peak Mount Logan

An international team of explorers led by Albert MacCarthy became the first people to reach the summit of Mount Logan on June 23rd. To this day, the expedition is seen as one of the most arduous mountain adventures ever undertaken, lasting 65 days and covering a total distance of 120 miles. On their return journey, the expedition culminated in a float down the Chitna River, when all team members could no longer walk due to frostbite - an adventure of epic proportions into the unknown. Woods outfitted the expedition with sleeping bags, tents, backpacks and parkas. 

1982 - First ascent of Mount Everest by a Canadian team

By 1982, there were few places left where Woods and Canadians hadn't travelled, but an extreme adventure was still to be had. Laurie Skreslet became the first Canadian to reach the summit of Mount Everest on October 5th at 9:30 am. Woods supplied Skreslet and the Canadian team with sleeping bags, tents and the Arctic parka, Laurie would wear at the world's greatest height.

Heritage Of the Woods' Sleeping Bags

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